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Scanner Zebra Li2208

Scanner Zebra Li2208

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Scanner Zebra Li2208




6.30 in. H x 2.64 in. W x 3.90 in. L

16 cm H x 6.7 cm W x 9.9 cm L

Weight 4.95 oz./140 grams
Voltage and Current

5VDC ± 10%

<165 mA scanning

<40 mA standby

<2.5 mA USB suspend

<4.0 mA low power mode (when enabled, RS232 and Keyboard Wedge only)

Power Source Host power or external power supply
Supported host interfaces USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge and IBM RS485
Keyboard Support Supports over 90 international keyboards


Skew Tolerance  ±65°
Pitch Tolerance ±65°
Roll Tolerance ±45°
Scan Pattern Single bright aiming line
Scan Angle Horizontal 35°
Scan Speed 547 scans per second
Motion Tolerance 25 in./ 63.5 cm per second
Light Source LED Class 1 device 617nm (amber )
Min. Print Contrast 15% MRD


3mil  Minimum resolution
4mil 4-10 in./10.2-25.4 cm
5mil 3-13 in./7.6-33 cm
7.5mil 1.5-19 in./ 3.8-48.3 cm
13 mil (100% UPC-A) 1-31 in./2.5-78.7 cm
20mil 1-42 in./2.5-106.7 cm
26 mil (200% UPC-A) 3-55 in./7.6-140 cm
100 mil reflective >20 ft./6 m


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