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RLS1000/RLS1100 . Barcode Label Scale

RLS1000/RLS1100 . Barcode Label Scale

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RLS1000/RLS1100 . Barcode Label Scale

1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof. Avoid insects crawling into the machine, and all kinds of malfunctions cause such as wet.

2. Exquisite, with scalable printer, easy to take out paper and replace paper, simple and convenient operation.

3. Support PLU on-line update and editing, ensure item all latest information.

4. Storage capacity of up to 10,000 pieces of goods and support 224 shortcut keys. Set menu shortcuts, through the PC software can set the hotkey sequence and print it.

5. Each item can choose any tag from independently. Multiple barcodes are optional, such as 8-bit, 13-bit and 18-bit.

6. Various types, information, etc. can be prepared according to different items. It is useful for commodity classification management.

7. Support labels and barcodes rotated 90 degrees, or print 270 degrees.

8. Support to be connected via Ethernet interface, the software can be upgraded online, to meet the customer's special demand.

9. More rich label content. Production date, packaging date, new date, expiry date can be printed, select it according to customer requirements.

10. Quickly search for products by product number

11. Support discount schedule, discount period setting.

12. Support for multiple foreign languages, labels, such as background, element name etc.

13. Support dual screen matrix screen, easy to promote products.

14. Support receipt paper and label paper printing.

15. Dual-engine design, printing is more efficient and stable.
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