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FUJITSU Thermal Printer FP-2100

FUJITSU Thermal Printer FP-2100

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FUJITSU certain technology and customers requests are packed into these thermal printers.

FP-2000 series have useful functions and the new reliable technology for not only POS system but also mounting KIOSK and order entry tickets in Retail, Hospitality and all other industries. In other words, FP-2000 series will be your best business partner.


Mechanical group 
 No.1 printing speed in POS thermal Printer 
 Printing thin paper (53μm) 
 Paper curl adjustment function

Hardware group 
 Selectable interface cards 
 Support of decreasing rush current

Driver & Software 
 Simulated 180 dpi printing mode 
 Automatic optimum printing mode 
 Completed drivers and software

 All in one box


User friendly

User friendly


• No.1 printing speed in POS thermal printer 
∼ Achievement of "Non-waiting" printing ∼

Printing speed

400mm/s is the Max. printing speed of FP-2200. This is the No.1 printing speed in POS thermal printer in the world. 
FP-2100 and FP-2000 are also more enhanced printing speed than previous models.

Optimum driver/Firmware technology and High speed paper feed mechanism enhances the throughput. This enables customers not to waste time.


• Printing thin paper (53μm) 
∼ Helping running cost for paper consumption 30% OFF ∼

FP-2000 series support printing for thin paper thickness (53μm). 
Comparing with 75μm thickness, there is 30% difference of receipt consumption. 
FP-2000 series can helps support of low paper consumption for end users 
(*53μm paper which width is 50mm and 58mm are not supported.)


• Paper curl adjustment functions (FP-2200 only) 
∼ Stress free operation ∼


When the end of paper roll is close, the paper curl becomes strong, and it is hard to pass the receipt straightly to show the receipt’s surface.

This function loosens the strong curl of paper, and it helps for users to pass the receipt to the customers easily.

• All in one box 
∼ FP-2000 series have everything that you need ∼

All accessories to use this printer are prepared in one box. FP-2000 series can cover the procurement cost and time for preparing accessories.


• Selectable interface cards 
∼ Selectable interface cards to accomodate end users needs ∼

USB is a standard interface card with Drawer kick connector and AC connector on the main board. Also, various optional interface cards are available depending on end user’s usage environments.

Interface cards 

FUJITSU advanced technology of FP-2000 series


• Simulated 180 dpi printing mode 
∼ Similar printing quality with major printer maker ∼

From FP-2000 series, “180 dpi mode” function is added as the new function. After replace your using POS printer to FP-2000 series, the printing result is similar by this mode. One thermal head can print 203dpi and simulated 180 dpi printing result. 
180dpi mode


• Automatic optimum printing mode 
∼ For the POS system which only provides low power ∼

Printer calculates the density of print data before printing. Depending on the print density, printer controls power and speed to print clearly. FP-2000 series keep high quality printing result even though your POS system provides low power. 
Printing mode


• Completed drivers and software 
∼ Preparing necessary drivers and software for your connectivity ∼

Various drivers and software are available with an easy software installer.


• Support of decreasing rush current (FP-2000, FP-2100 only) 
∼ Advanced connectivity for hardware ∼

FP-2100 and FP-2000 are supported by down rush current circuit to decrease the peak of sudden current’s start up. This support prevents the printer from system down in the environment of not using specified FUJITSU AC adaptor or using powered USB.

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