FUJITSU Component Thermal Printer FTP-638WSL110 series

FUJITSU Component Thermal Printer FTP-638WSL110 series

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The supply voltage of the FTP-638WSL Series is 120/240VAC (via AC adaptor)
or battery. The unit uses 3 inch wide paper.
The semi-rugged printer unit is most suitable for applications such as handheld,
mobile and portable devices, as well as for various other equipment.

Part number FTP-638WSL110 series
Dot structure 576 dots/lines
Dot pitch (horizontal) 0.125mm
Dot pitch (vertical) 0.125mm
Effective printing area 72 mm
Paper width/diameter 80mm / ID 8mm, OD 50mm maximum
Paper thickness 60-80µm*
Maximum printing speed Battery 80mm/sec. at 8.4V, AC adaptor, 80mm/sec. at 12V (640 dotlines/s) at 12%
print ratio
Character types Alphanumeric KANA: 159
International characters: 195
Thai code 18: 128
Download: 224
External: 94
JIS KANJI: approx. 6800
Character dimensions (W x H),
number of characters
12 x 24 dots (1.5 x 3.0mm), 48 columns
24 x 24 dots (3.0 x 3.0mm), 28 columns
8 x 16 dots (1.0 x 2.0mm), 72 columns
16 x 16 dots (2.0 x 2.0mm), 36 columns
Power Battery (Lithium Ion) 7.4VDC lithium, 2,090mAh
AC adaptor 12V - 3.75A
100VAC to 240VAC adaptor#10 (AC cable included)
Power consumption 1.6 - 1.7A printing (print ration 12.5%) standby 30-60mA communication 90-170mA
Dimensions 106 x 116 x 58mm (WxDxH)
Case color White
Weight Printer with battery Approximately 340g
Battery & paper included Approximately 380g
Expected life Head Pulse durability: 100 million pulse/dot (12.5% print ratio)
Wear resistance: 50km
Battery One charge: 200m, 300 charge cycles
Paper holder 5,000 times open/close
1: there may be exceptions

■      Interface specification at host side





Bluetooth V2.1 +EDR







Data speed

1306.9kbps max.


Maximum distance


IrDA (Ver. 1.2)

Data speed

115,200 / 38,400 / 19, 200 / 9,600bps



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