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FUJITSU Thermal Printer FP-2000
FUJITSU Thermal Printer FP-2000

FUJITSU Thermal Printer FP-2000

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FP-2000 series have useful functions and the new reliable technology for not only POS system but also mounting KIOSK and order entry tickets in Retail, Hospitality and all other industries. In other words, FP-2000 series will be your best business partner.

User friendly

User friendly


• No.1 printing speed in POS thermal printer 
∼ Achievement of "Non-waiting" printing ∼

Printing speed

 All in one box 
∼ FP-2000 series have everything that you need ∼

All accessories to use this printer are prepared in one box. FP-2000 series can cover the procurement cost and time for preparing accessories.


400mm/s is the Max. printing speed of FP-2200. This is the No.1 printing speed in POS thermal printer in the world. 
FP-2100 and FP-2000 are also more enhanced printing speed than previous models.

Optimum driver/Firmware technology and High speed paper feed mechanism enhances the throughput. This enables customers not to waste time.

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Fujitsu FP 2000

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